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The Parents Bill of Rights, but only for some parents.

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What happened: Sick of the pandemic restrictions and fed up with school closures, parents across the country came together to demand more control over their children’s education. Wanting a bigger say in how schools operate, they lobbied for the Parents Bill of Rights legislation introduced by the House GOP.
This cleverly crafted law would give parents the power to peek behind the curtain and see exactly what their kids are being taught, review reading materials, receive updates on school budgets, and even protect their child’s privacy. With this new level of control, parents may finally feel like they have a seat at the table when it comes to their children’s future.
What’s the scoop on the proposed law? It’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, pretending to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. Most schools already provide parents with the ability to stay informed, through open meetings and access to curriculum materials. Parents don’t need a new law, they just need to stay involved and communicate with their kids.
What sinister motives lurk behind the seemingly innocuous Parents Bill of Rights? Far from promoting parent involvement, this bill could actually lead to widespread legalization of censorship, bullying, and even book bans. And don’t even get us started on the potential for discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, religious minorities, and gender identity.
Take action: MomsRising is hosting a virtual event on 4/6, giving you the tools to fight back and defend our communities against this harmful legislation. Let’s stand together and protect the values of inclusivity and equality.