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Tuesday, June 6, 12:00 PM


Women's Rights

Enabling women to have access to healthcare and to exercise their right to vote is crucial in ensuring that women have control over their own bodies and their futures.

Empowering Women

More and more every day, we see a significant loss of Women’s Rights and Choice.

The loss of women’s rights and choice is a serious problem that has significant consequences for the well-being of women. When women are not able to exercise their rights and choices, it can lead to a lack of empowerment, a lack of representation, and a lack of social progress.

Women’s rights and choice refer to a range of issues, including reproductive rights, equal pay, access to healthcare, and freedom from discrimination and harassment. Attacking women’s rights undermine the functioning of democratic institutions and make it more difficult to address important social and political issues.

To combat the loss of women’s rights and choice, there are several steps that can be taken:

  • Promote equality and combat discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of society.
  • Protect reproductive rights to ensure that women have access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including contraception, abortion, and maternal care.
  • Enforce equal pay to ensure that women are paid fairly for their work, and that there are legal protections in place to prevent discrimination in the workplace.
  • Support Women’s leadership and promote women’s representation in government and other leadership positions, and to support women’s leadership development programs.
  • Ensure women are empowered, informed and engaged to exercise their rights and choices, and that democratic institutions function in a way that is inclusive and representative that promotes equality and empowerment for all.
  • Support women’s freedom candidates and organizations in all levels of government.

Best States

Massachusetts .709
Connecticut . 696
Distric of Columbia .695

Worst States

Arkansas .231
Mississippi .182
Louisiana .167

Index for Best and Worst States to be a Woman
(measured by inclusion, justice, and security)

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Tent Talk: Civic Influencers

BigTent Zoom Room
Virtual Event Virtual Event

Maxim Thorne, CEO of Civic Influencers, will join on on Tuesday, June 6th at 12pm ET. Civic Influencers gives young voters on-the-ground data and winning strategies on campuses and in communities  to boost civic power and impact elections. Read Thorne's latest Washington Post Op-Ed article here on the Right's effort to silence young voters. ABOUT […]

Spotlight Speaker: Professor Larry Diamond with Anne Wedner

BigTent Zoom Room
Virtual Event Virtual Event

On Wednesday, June 21st at 7pm ET, Professor Larry Diamond, Professor of Political Science and Sociology at Stanford University, specializing in democracy studies, Author, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, […]

Spotlight Speaker: Stephen Vladeck

BigTent Zoom Room
Virtual Event Virtual Event

Stephen Vladeck, Author of The Shadow Docket: How the Supreme Court Uses Stealth Rulings to Amass Power and Undermine the Republic will join us on on Wednesday, June 28th at […]

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