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“It feels good to have a physical task to focus on. I’ve also signed up to be a poll worker in November.” 

– BigTentUSA Member

All Hands on Deck in Georgia!

GOTV Georgia with Fair Fight
(Training Included)

It's GOTV time—again! Georgia’s Senate race is going to a runoff and Runoff Election Day is December 6th. That’s not a lot of time for us to call Georgians to make sure they know there’s a runoff and how to cast their vote in this crucial election.

Join Fair Fight to call Georgia voters to make sure they make a plan to vote and follow through with that plan. Directly contacting voters is the best way to ensure they have the information needed for this election. Sign up to help Georgians get the resources they need to vote in the Senate runoff!

NOTE: During this phone bank, you will be calling voters to provide them with voting information & talk about the importance of the election but you will not be advocating for any individual candidate on these calls.
Phone Bank

GOTV Text Bank Training with Fair Fight

Want to text with Fair Fight? Join them for this texting training where they will go over what texting with Fair Fight looks like and how to use their texting platform.

This is a training, NOT a text bank. We will not be sending texts during this training.

To text with Fair Fight you will need either a smartphone OR a computer (you can set up the texting system on either or both).

Text Bank

Other BigTent Campaigns

Voter Hotline

Help protect the vote by volunteering on the National Voter Assistance Hotline! As a Hotline volunteer, you’ll be answering voters’ questions about voting, helping them make a plan to vote early, and helping ensure that every eligible voter is able to exercise their right to vote.

Voter Hotline

Check back here for Voter Hotline Training.
Ballot Curing

Help voters whose mail ballots have been discarded because of signature mismatches or other voter errors. Guide them on how to fix the problems on their ballots and make sure their voices are heard.

Ballot Curing

Check back here for Ballot Curing information for Georgia Runoff Election.

Donate to BigTent vetted organizations that make a difference. We’ve compiled a list for you.

Coalition of the Center

BigTent Actions

Tell January 6th Committee to send a Trump Criminal Referral to DOJ with Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington

The January 6th Committee hearing have made one thing abundantly clear: Donald Trump knew what he was doing when he incited rioters to go to the Capitol to overturn the election.He knew they were armed, he knew they were likely to try to stop the certification of the election, and he told them to go anyway.

Tell Advertisers to Drop Fox with Media Matters

Fox News' programming is becoming increasingly extreme, deceitful, and racist. The network is also functioning as Trump's personal propaganda operation.