Trump-palooza: The Trump Trials with Amb. Norm Eisen (Ret.) and George T. Conway III


Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 7:00 pm EDT


Larry Diamond’s 12-step Program to Preserve Democracy

The global socio-political landscape is undergoing significant shifts, driven by technology advancements, climate change, economic disparities, the struggle for human rights and the challenge of maintaining democratic norms amidst rising […]

Ballot Measures, Big Bucks

Getting an Initiative on the Ballot is Getting More Expensive. Everything is more expensive these days (read: inflation) – and that includes ballot initiatives. Campaigns for ballot initiatives often spend hundreds […]

All the President’s Men

One measure of a President’s power is the effect he has on the judiciary.  President Biden has appointed 105 Article III judges, outpacing Trump, Obama, and Bush.  Still, there is no […]