BigTent Letter Writing
Letter Writing to
New Mexico Voters!

Write letters to underrepresented voters in New Mexico’s first Congressional District urging them to vote in the June 1 special election which will be filling the seat held by Interior Secretary Deb Halland. Deadline to mail is 5/18.  

Click on the link to let us know how many batches of 20 letters you’d like to send, and we will email you the letter and the mailing addresses. 


50 Letters to 50 Senators
re: 'For the People Act' H.R.1/S.1

Version 1: 

Send letters to Republican Senators asking them to support  The For The People Act.  Click on the sample letter below to link to all the letters addressed and ready to go. 

Print. Sign your name. Mail!

Version 2: 

If you want to put the letters in YOUR own words, click on the sample letter below to link to download all the letters addressed. This version has space to write in your message.

Write. Print. Sign your name. Mail!