Tent Talk: Aaron Frank and Anton Moore Under the Tent


Tuesday, June 25, 2024, 12:00 pm EDT


Alabama’s War on Women

BY BREANNA GLOVER | BIGTENTUSA 💡 What you need to know: The recent anti-IVF legislation in Alabama has stirred significant controversy and concern, prompting a rapid response from lawmakers, healthcare […]

Let America Read, Again

BY SUSAN LEHMAN | BIGTENTUSA  BigTentUSA hosted a virtual Spotlight Speaker series with speakers Suzanne Nossel, CEO PEN America, Richard Dresser, President Writers Guild Initiative and moderated by producer, Evangeline […]

BigTentUSA: United for Democracy

Country over Party

By SUSAN LEHMAN | BIGTENTUSA “America is still a place of possibilities, a beacon for the world, a promise realized—where the power forever resides with ‘We the People’. That’s our […]

Never Turn Our Backs to Free Expression

By SUZANNE NOSSEL | PEN AMERICA, CEO Beware the artist. In the struggle against authoritarianism, artists play an overlooked role as catalysts for social change, drivers of accountability, and prophets of […]

Turbocharging student voters

By Maxim Thorne, CEO, Civic Influencers At Civic Influencers, we are succeeding in turning out young voters that can swing elections. The right knows and fears our work—and they’re freaking […]

Florida’s Curriculum Transparency

In 2019, I vividly remember my son Luke’s 3rd grade teacher in our public elementary school in California who had the most wonderful mini library of books in the corner […]