Protecting the Right to Vote: One ID at a Time with Lauren Kunis, CEO VoteRiders


Tuesday, March 19, 12:00 PM


Protecting the Right to Vote: One ID at a Time with Lauren Kunis, CEO VoteRiders


Tuesday, March 19, 12:00 PM

Disqualification Upholds Democracy

BY WENDY ROGOVIN | BIGTENTUSA “The Constitution itself tells us that disqualification of the former president is not anti-democratic. Rather, the Constitution tells us that it is the conduct that […]

Antisemitism: A New Cloak

BY JILL BAYER CIPORIN | BIGTENTUSA Last week, at a holiday luncheon, one of my BigTent friends showed me a Star of David around her neck – much like the […]

Code Red for our Democracy

BY JAY GUO | THE STATUS KUO It’s no longer possible to ignore the parallels, nor pretend it was just a one-time thing. In a speech before his MAGA faithful […]

How American Democracy Fell So Far Behind

BY STEVEN LEVITSKY AND DANEL ZIBLATT | AUTHORS, THE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY (This is an excerpt from an article published in The Atlantic in September 2023.) The country’s Constitution […]

Election 2023: What Happened in Ohio?

BY BREANNA GLOVER | BIGTENTUSA What’s the Issue:  Voters in areas of the South & the Rust Belt voted in line with preserving reproductive freedoms. Ohioans voted to approve Issue 1, […]

Let America Read, Again

BY SUSAN LEHMAN | BIGTENTUSA  BigTentUSA hosted a virtual Spotlight Speaker series with speakers Suzanne Nossel, CEO PEN America, Richard Dresser, President Writers Guild Initiative and moderated by producer, Evangeline […]

BigTentUSA: United for Democracy

Country over Party

By SUSAN LEHMAN | BIGTENTUSA “America is still a place of possibilities, a beacon for the world, a promise realized—where the power forever resides with ‘We the People’. That’s our […]

Never Turn Our Backs to Free Expression

By SUZANNE NOSSEL | PEN AMERICA, CEO Beware the artist. In the struggle against authoritarianism, artists play an overlooked role as catalysts for social change, drivers of accountability, and prophets of […]

Democracy Centers: Saving Democracy (Really.)

By KITTY DOUGLAS | BIGTENTUSA Democracy Centers are literally saving democracy. But what are Democracy Centers really? Democracy Centers are located in BIPOC communities where more than 55% of eligible […]

Changing How We Talk About the Court

By, STEPHEN VLADECK | THE SHADOW DOCKET       I’m so excited to get to chat with my friend Dahlia Lithwick about the Supreme Court and my new book […]


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