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Tuesday, September 26, 12:00 PM





One fascinating aspect of the House Speakership election was that C-SPAN had full control of the cameras in the House chamber for all 15 rounds of voting. Because there was no Speaker in charge, no one could set rules limiting C-SPAN’s coverage.  So, the American people had unprecedented access to view the entire floor, which included cross-party huddles between members, George Santos sitting alone,  and even witnessed a near-fight between two GOP members. 

C-SPAN’s editorial director, Ben O’Connell, in an interview with New York Magazine, said he would love to be able to show this kind of coverage to the American people when major pieces of legislation are on the floor. For decades C-SPAN has asked the House, Senate, and the Supreme Court, for greater access for cameras.

Wouldn’t it be great for the American people to more broadly witness how their elected representatives (that they hired) conduct themselves and take the most consequential acts of voting on behalf of their constituents?

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