Help Us Expand the Tent

Ambassador Program

The larger we scale the size of our community, 

the more our voices will be amplified. 

Join our Ambassador Program!

Reach Out

Invite your friends to join us “under the tent.” We are a group of suburban women – 850 strong and growing, but ALL are welcome regardless of party, race, gender, religion.


If you are active on social media, post our events, like (love) our posts, participate in our social media campaigns.  If you are not active online, talk us up! Use the recordings of our past events found on the website to send to friends.


Meet new friends in our weekly Ambassador Zoom Calls and learn what is important each week. Invite friends to Spotlight Wednesday educational events. Bring your friends to work with you in our Turn-out Tuesdays letter-writing and text-banking sessions.  Check out our Upcoming Events and Calls to Action on the website.

Current Social Media Campaign

Here are instructions to promote our "What Will YOU Do" social media challenge.

One post with a swipe, tag your friends, and that's it!


Social Media for Campaign (1)

On your phone, have ready in your Photo Library two photos: a photo of you holding your sign and this Challenge Graphic.

Tap on graphic
to download to your phone's photos.

Copy the caption below (you will paste it in Step 4)

On the morning of 11/4/20, I will have #noregrets. that I worked as hard as I could for Biden-Harris to be elected. What will you do? Your turn, @friend @friend @friend! Use @bigtentusa #bigtentusa #bigtentusapledge #rightsideofherstory in your caption. You’ll be featured on BigTentUSA’s feed! Swipe to see challenge.

Open Instagram. Use the "+" sign to create a post. Select the photo of you with your sign from your photo library. Then click on the two squares to add a second photo which is the Challenge Graphic. Your photo should be #1 and the Graphic #2.

Skip the filter step, click "Next" and paste the caption into text box. Replace @friend with as many friends as you'd like to challenge.

Click "Share" and you will have a post exactly like the example above.

If your friends do accept the challenge and have private accounts, we may not see their post. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY ARE FOLLOWING BIGTENTUSA. And make sure you take a screen shot of their post when you see it and send to us at We'll feature yours and your friends' posts in our feed.

You can also use our logo if you would like to promote us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram logo

Tap on graphic
to download to your phone's photos.